Penis traction and stretcher devices are designed to extend the length of your penis safely and naturally.

Enjoy natural penis enlargement without pills, patches, or exercise.
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penis stretcherPenis traction has been shown to be the most effective, proven method of penis enlargement available today. In fact, Our MaxWilly product has a 100% success rate in our test studies. We studied 100 men and found that all of our test subjects, over the course of a 6 month period, were able to increase their penis size anywhere from between a half inch to over 4 inches in length and 1 to 4 inches in girth. Perryones disease sufferers in our tests showed a 60% to 90% correction in the irregular curve of the penis.

Penis stretchers(listed here) or extenders as some call them gently stretch the penis skin over time creating gaps within the cell structure. Similar to how skin stretches to accomidate during weight gain the same happens when using our penis traction device. The more time spent wearing our traction device the quicker you will see gains.

This is our test subject Franks results after 6 months.
before and after pictures

Our penis traction device is 100 % effective:

Imagine being able to enlarge your penis with a product 100% guaranteed to work for you. No more pills or patches that dont work. Our extender was invented in 1994 and since then we have sold to over 1 million men in 100 countries!
"Our penis traction extender is portable, easy to use, and will fit any penis from 1 to 18 inches in length. It has been designed to be totally adjustable to fit any man.
Maxwilly Traction Device This is the original traction device for penis enlargement invented by medical doctor Jorn Siana in 1994. Since its invention many companies have tried to duplicate our patented device. Ours is still the only original traction device that is endorsed by doctors worldwide as a safe alternative to expensive and risky surgery. Clinics worldwide rely on our penis stretcher for their peyronnes sufferers as well.


Doctor Approved and used
Doctor approved and used.Endorsed by 100's of doctors worldwide we guarantee our product to increase the size of your penis without any harmful drugs or surgeries. No pills to take or patches to apply. You can rest easy knowing that you will no longer have to be ashamed of a smaller than average penis anymore. Just check out a few of our customers emails below to see how we have helped others in need.
customer feedback
Bill, USA
I just had to write you and let you know that Size Genetics did exactly what I had hoped. I gained over 4 inches in length in just over 6 months. I tried everything before hearing about your product from a guy in a PE forum. Im sure glad I listened to him.
Jim - Texas, USA
I ordered your stretcher after researching ways to enlarge my penis. I found that a extender was my best bet but was unsure of which one to buy with all of them on the market. I decided to go with MaxWilly after finding out from others that it was the first device designed for permanent results. I am happy to report I am seeing significant gains and hope to achieve my goal from spring!
Joe - London, UK
I am writing to let you guys know that I am extremely happy with the results I have seen in the past two months with your product. Simply amazing. I was very ashamed with my penis size, being only 2inches. After using Size Genetics I was able to tripple my penis size in just 5 months.
Juan - Mexico City, Mexico
A 3 inch increase in only 4 months! All I can say is gracias!! IT also corrected a slight curve I had in my penis. Size Genetics is a excellent product!
Jeffrey - Seattle, WA
Thanks for the fast delivery, top product, and top support.
Greg - Australia
With only wearing the Size Genetics for around 4 hours a day, within a month I noticed a pretty dramatic size increase! Thanks mates.
How Penis Extenders work
You literally have nothing to lose and INCHES to gain!

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Common questions about penis extenders and traction devices

How does it work?

A penis traction device is attached to the penis at the base and the head. Its adaptable to fit any mans anatomy. The penis is put thru the base and the head is fastened with a loop at the end. You then gently stretch the penis and tighten down the two extender bars. This results in a gently pulling action. As the penis is pulled it creates small tears or spaces within the cell wall of the skin. These gaps are filled in by the bodies natural healing process resulting in a longer penis with additional girth.

Is it uncomfortable to wear?

Most men find that it is not uncomfortable to wear. You will want to wear loose pants when using your stretcher in order to conceal the fact that you are wearing one and to provide better comfort.

How much should my penis extender be worn?

We recommend that a penis extender be worn as much as possible for the fastest gains. While some men will find that a few hours at home after work is good enough others will wear the extender for 8 hours or more a day. Quite simply the more often the device is used the faster you will see results.

How long before I can expect results?

Depending upon how much time is spent with the device on and your particular anatomy it will take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to see appreciable results. Its important to remember that safe and effective penis enlargement is a marathon and not a sprint. Being dedicated and following the program is the best and fastest way to see gains in your penis size.

Should I combine pills or patches with my extender?

While many men will combine penis pills or patches with the extender it is not necessary. You should find you will get very good results with the stretching device alone.

Is penis stretching safe?

Simply put yes. It is important to follow directions when using any medical device so as not to cause any injuries but our stretching device has been in use for many years by men in both clinical settiings and home settings and we have not had a single incident of injury due to the penis traction device itself.

I am not circumsized. Will your traction device work for me as well?

The MaxWilly Penis Enlargement System is designed to work for all men regardless of whether they are circumsized or not.

Is the penis traction extender guaranteed?

Yes it is. 100% guaranteed for 180 days!

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